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Traditional Bow “Oirat”

310.00 $

Stylization of medieval Mongolian bow.



It is a stylization of medieval Mongolian bow. This is very fast bow.

Materials: wood, fiberglass, patch of horn on handle and ends.
The bowstring and fabric case is complete with the bow.

Base model (wood, fiberglass, patch of horn on handle and ends) – 310$

Lux model (wood, fiberglass, precious wood on limbs, patch of horn on handle and ends) -350$

Total length: 56″

Draw weight: 25-50#

Max. draw length: 32″

Videoreview made by Armin Hirmer, Malta archery

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 2 reviews
 by Ethan on Oirat

This bow is absolutely beautiful and it’s a powerhouse. As mentioned in a previous review, this bow is very fast and it definitely seems to prefer heavier arrows. I have been shooting 555 grain easton arrows with a 340 spine and they seem to pair very well with this bow. The shooting experience is great and the craftsmanship is flawless. Sarmat’s team made the shopping experience first class and kept me posted every step of the way. I’ll without a doubt be a returning customer. Thank you

 by Roger Appleboom on Oirat

This is the second bow I've had from Sarmat, the first being the Simurgh. The length of the Oirat is not too different, but the overall initial impression is of an exceptionally light and fairly plain, but exquisitely made, bow; almost like a child's toy. The bow weight is only 380 grams.
The draw is smooth without stacking, the release is clean and forgiving, and there is no hand-shock at all. The surprise is the apparent arrow speed for such an innocent looking bow.
Using a chronograph, and comparing the Oirat with a traditional Korean bow, which is short, aggressively recurved, and the benchmark for fast horse bows, confirms the initial impression that this is a deceptively fast and capable bow. These figures are all using a thumb ring.
A 370 grain carbon arrow averaged 216ft/sec
A 478 grain wood arrow drawn to 32ins averaged 198ft/sec
A 555 grain maple arrow, which will be the normal shaft used with this bow, averaged 188ft,sec.
These speeds are similar to the Korean bow, one of the fastest traditionally styled Asiatic bows I have.
Very impressive!
I think the Korean bow might have been faster but for the fact that the shortness of it makes a clean release that much more difficult.
And this is where the Oirat proves itself to be such a usable bow; it pulls sweetly like a longbow, allows a consistently smooth release, and has the punch of something much heavier.
A very impressive instrument from Sarmat, and one that has become one of my favourites in a short period of time..........Perfect