Bow Horus

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Egyptian-Assyrian fiberglass bow Horus – stylization of the ancient western Asian angular composite bow



The bow Horus is а stylization of the ancient western Asian angular composite bow. Such model used in the territory of Egypt and Assyrian Empire from about 2400 to 600 BC. Our Bow named after the one of the most considerable ancient Egyptian deities Horus (Her, Heru, Hor, Har). Horus was the god of the sun and the sky. He imaged in the guise of a falcon.

Manchu archers 19th century
Angular bow in a pull state, the Pharaonic Village in Cairo

Western Asian angular bow is one of the oldest surviving specimens. The bow has a stiff corner in the center, its shape is like obtuse triangle, and with a pull bowstring – semicircle. There is no sharp spurt after release, the shot is smooth and accurate. The bow has big draw length at which the shoulders are under maximum tension. Thanks to which, it is possible to achieve a greater shot range compared to a self bows of the 2000 BC. Such a bow belongs to composite bows by structure, it was made from a layers of wood, horn and tendons. At the same time, the combinations of layers and their arrangement were more diverse and complex than in the later models of ancient and medieval composite bows. Outside, the bow was wrapped in the bark of cherry or other wood, and a layer of gold paint could also be applied.

egypt bow
The construction of Egyptian angular bow Sakkara. Drawing by Jack Farrell based on Mc Leod report 1960, Brooklyn Museum

Archery in the ancient Egypt was widespread by the time of the earliest pharaohs (5000 years ago). Egyptian people practiced it for hunting and use bow in warfare, even Egyptian deities are connected to archery. There are many ancient images of this have been found during archaeological research. Besides images the finds of specimens of bows are known. The most famous exemplars were found in 1922 at the tomb of Tutankhamun (1341-1324 BCE). Archaeologists have found 32 composite angular bows, 14 wooden self bows, arrows, bow and arrow quivers.

Also pictures of angular bows have been found on seals of Mesopotamia and on the paintings of Assyrian monumental reliefs. The Assyrians and Babylonians used archery for hunting and war. In the ancient Mesopotamia formed standing armies, included soldiers worked as archers. Such integral division fought on foot and on chariots. The ancient documents Nuzi texts has number of arrows for the chariot.

Manchu archers, photographed in the end of 19th century
The last great Assyrian king Ashurbanipal( (668-631 BC) on the lion-hunting, Assyrian relief

Our bow Horus is a fiberglass laminated bow, core of bow is made of ash or maple. The geometry of the bow is similar to the original ancient bows of this type. The bow has a relatively long draw length – 34″ for bow up to 30# poundage. With the correct choice of draw weight it suitable for all archers, regardless of skill level and type of shooting. It is convenient to shoot with three fingers or with a ring.

Bow has the leather grip, the bowstring of darcon (or analog) and fabric case is complete with the bow.
Additional options are possible:

fastflight string instead of dacron – 5usd
horn pads at arrow place – 10usd

Materials: ash and other hard wood, fiberglass
String material: Dacron B-50 (analog)
Total length tip to tip along the belly :  57″ (145cm)
The length of the string: 54″
Draw weight: 25-50#
Max. draw length depends on the draw weight: 

for 25-30# draw weight – 34″ max draw length (draw weight is specified for draw length 28″)
for 31-39# draw weight – 33″ max draw length (draw weight is specified for draw length 28″)
for 40-45# draw weight – 32″ max draw length (draw weight is specified for draw length 28″)
for 45-49# draw weight – 31″ max draw length (draw weight is specified for draw length 28″)

More information about ancient western Asian angular composite bow in this article:
An Unpublished Egyptian Composite Bow in the Brooklyn Museum



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