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I bought this bow in the 24#@28 for my younger brother to use as he's really into Japanese culture. I shoot warbows so I was keen to see how this one shoots as well, I'm astounded at how smoothly it draws and when I have the money will get one around the 30-35@28 mark to shoot myself/to assist my brother in his archery journey.
Shipping was incredibly quick considering the journey from the Ukraine to Australia as well, definitely keen.

Bought these arrows for my Ming bow....they are awesome.No reason for buying anywhere else. Fly straight - looks great-craftsmanship a 1+...
Keep on with your good work.

 by Bob Stanyon on Feedback

Over the last 2 years I have purchased 4 bows from Sarmat. Every bow is a work of art, I have the Rarog at 38lb, the Dzungar at 35lb the Varang lux at 37lb and recently purchase the Hankyu in black with rd windings. All the bows are excellently made and the sales service from Kateryna is brilliant. Thankyou all at Sarmat for the quality and service you provide.

 by Phil Matheny on Feedback

A really beautiful piece of work and an amazing shooter very fast and smooth with little noise. I have paid almost three times as much for this kind of quality, what a great deal. I'm very pleased.

 by Ottavio Misefari on Feedback

I recently purchased a beautiful 60lb Varang Lux. The bow really well built and is very precise I am very impressed. As always a very good job.

 by Clifford Hoch on Feedback

Purchased a 45# @ 28" Varang longbow in March of 2012. Shot the bow for six months and it went to 38# at 28". It also deveoped a crack in the bamboo backing starting at the arrow shelf laterally for 4". I'm not happy and not going to return the bow to the Ukraine. I must say Katryna is exceptional and will help in any way she can. Will not purchase again.

We will email you shortly. Natural materials (bamboo and wood) are not always predictable, unfortunately.

 by Jasminder Pal Singh on Traditional Bow “Simurgh”

Simurgh is a Fantastic Bow with fusion style of Yuan Bow and Han Bow from China. Very well made by master Bowmaker Dennis Yesteryev. This Bow has lovely smooth finish, very well made. When comes to performance, it gives a surprising speed, I am using 36# Simurgh and it's awesome and pleasure to shoot with it.This Bow is forgiving. Thank you Sarmat Archery.

 by james goedkoop on Back quiver

Outstanding back quiver! Excellent design, quality of materials, and workmanship without excessive ornamentation or flamboyant look. Quiver was delivered from UKR to US very quickly. Highly recommended.

 by Richard Trow on Feedback

I have used my mamai bow a few times now & can only say what a joy it is to shoot, it is lovely & light & draws smooth with loads of power at #40,
The bow is very well made & a credit to the bowyer & costumer service is fantastic, love my Mamai bow, thanks Sarmat.

 by Cassidy on Feedback

Incredible product. Incredible price! what a steal!

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