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Amazing, the bow look beautiful

shoot better than my favour Korean big brand Kaya horse bow

draw very smooth, little handshock only if I focus on the bow
I shoot using thumb draw, I’m able to group the arrows nicely in 1st few shot, little adjustment no arrows less than 8 points in 20yrds

BUT......I would like to ask a bit more ~~~ longer
full size Yumi 2.2M 7.2FT

Thank you Kateryna
You took me to another level of archery

by Jm on Feedback

What a lovely Hankyu bow and her arrows. Very impressed and she shoots like a dream. I really appreciate that Sarmat exists in the world, because it's just all positives.

I got the 68" Hankyu fro a friend. I miss nothing, but had before a dozen other bows. I have house with garden. The Hankyu and the bamboo arrows are really fine and brought mit joy from the first moment.

by Christian Jensen on Feedback

Mary Christmas.I havet hade the Modern Longbow “Tyrfing” for a year now. It's fanstastic. It's fast, it aims well. It's just the best longbow i had. I highly recomend it.

by Evan King on Feedback

71” hankyu @44# is by far my favorite bow ever!!!! The craftsmanship alone is stunning and the power behind it is phenomenal!!! The customer service was fantastic and kept in contact with me the whole time and answered any questions I had in a very very timely manner. I would recommend Sarmat Archery for anyone looking to buy a traditional bow. You guys are the BEST!!!

by Kin on Feedback

Sarmat is quickly becoming my favorite archery supplier. The level of attention and personalization the staff provides for their products is unmatched. Their prices are more than fair. Every time I need a set of arrows to go with a new bow, these are the folks I turn to for assistance.Sarmat seems to be improving and expanding their inventory based on customer feedback, which is great to see - support these guys!

by reiner on Feedback

for about four weeks i have reiceved your fantastic hankyu-bow. i am excited about the quality and the performace. 🙂

by Karl Günther on Bow Varang

At the moment two of my longbow students shoot the Varang with draw weights around 30 lbs. Even in that low draw weight the bow performs great and throws wooden arrows fast and far! Both students get better results with the Varang, than with their fibreglass and osage bows, they had before and I like to shoot the Varang too....

I initially ordered a 68'' Hankyu but because SarmatArchery had a 71'' one with a 34# at 28’’, I took it, and I did well! At first I thought it will be a little too heavy for me, but after a few shots it "set in" and became so smooth that is a real pleasure to shoot with it!The string is a little thin for my arrows (I ordered a set of Kyudo style arrows with it), but after adding a hemp second serving, as is custom in Kyudo, it is just right.Overall I have a very good impression of the bow, the finish is good, the string is nice, and while this particular bow is limited to 33'' draw length, it is more than enough for me and my arrows.I'll surely buy another one soon, with an even longer draw length, and I recommend all Japanese archery amateurs to get one!

by Eric Bléas on Feedback

Flèches customs et Manchu parfaites. Carquois turc idem. Rapport qualité prix excellent et, en prime, un service très proche de la clientèle qui répond rapidement à TOUTES vos attentes et fait tout pour résoudre le moindre problème. Very GOOD job Sarmat

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