by Piotr Kosiorek on Maple shafts

The best maple shafts I have ever used.

by Piotr Kosiorek on Pine shafts

Very good shafts, well-seasoned. You will not get any better from machine production.

by Pascal on Feedback

I was looking for some.good arrows and advice as I'm a beginner with my Tatar now (I use to be a recurve guy).
Everything is perfect good advice and beautiful Mandchu arrows.
Many thanks

by Mike Royse on Feedback

I purchased the Varang Lux and I can not speak high enough about this bow. I am a novice and enjoy traditional archery, the quality and artisanship amazing!!! I shot it for a few hours over the weekend and cant wait to go again! from the time I ordered till the time it ended up on my step was one month which I expected longer (Ukraine to United States) I WILL ORDER MY NEXT BOW FROM THEM!!! Thank you Sarmat!!

by Jasminder Pal Singh on Traditional Bow “Fox”

Fox is an exceptionally Beautiful and lovley looking Bow that performs like a wonderful dream, It's highly recommended. Trustworthy Bow with a fantastic feeling.

This doesn't beat my horn thumb ring but it's really good for the price! I can highly recommend this to beginners as it fits a fairly wide variety of fingers and gives a very secure grip on the string.

Really fine arrows!
I recommend getting the plastic nocks, the wooden ones are very well made and beautiful but they wear out a little bit after use and come loose on the string.

by Jasminder Pal Singh on Bamboo Hankyu bow 71″

I never tried a Japanese Bow before I got Hankyu from Sarmat Archery.
I thought it would be a smooth release Bow as I saw some videos on YouTube about Japanese Bows.. bit Hankyu surprised me, it gives a pinch when you release arrows from it..and it's pretty fast..
And I can use both sides and with different release ..
Altogether Hankyu gives a different experience that is Lovely...
So, I am Happy to have Hankyu ... Quality is awesome as standard of Sarmat Archery..and good for those you want to experience natural looking Bows..

by Michael de Nijs on Bow Mamai

I got this one years back in 22 pounds along with boo arrows. Both awesome and sturdy. The bow is my go to practice or lazy afternoon bow. It's amazing quality to price ratio, elegant curves and the kind service from the people at Sarmat are all good reasons to get one (: I heartily recommend getting a traditional bow from here, it's hard to beat

by Anthony Rago on Feedback

I made a custom bow with Sarmat archery and I can only recommend them 100 percent. Not only is the craftsmanship fantastic but they service with emails is unreal. The bow is a work of art and as a new archer they were so helpful answering all my questions. Thank you Sarmat Archery 5 ⭐️STARS ⭐️

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