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by joe wadeson on Bamboo Hankyu bow 71″

My hankyu is beautiful and shoots great, Very smooth pull and release. The bamboo arrows are just as nice as the bow. My next order will probably be a yumi.

by Rolf Baumann on Traditional Bow Simurgh

The Simurgh is very beautful, looks authentic like a weapon from an ancient period. So it would be great for LARP or re-enactments or medievil fares or something like that. The tips and arrow rests are nicely reinforced with horn inlays. This adds to the quality look. It is also rather light weight, aournd 450 gramms so no problem to carry around all day. The draw experience is awesome, no stacking, very smooth. As is the release: the bow allows for a clean release, nice groupings and accurate shootings. With 10 grain per pound bamboo arrows, I was able to achieve 180 feet per second arrow speeds. The handle is the best for european hands: not too small as are many asian bows, but wide enough and deep enough for a solid, confident grip on the bow. The leather wrap around the handle helps very much with the good feeling and it also prevents sweat from the bow hand getting to the wood. So I can very much recommend this bow!

by Bram on Feedback


I finally received the bow and it is perfect!
It shoots straight and precise and is beautiful.
The arrows are perfectly balanced for me.

My compliments to the bow maker, I will recommend his craftsmanship!

by Jesse-David Gearhart on Feedback

Okay, so I bought 3 items. Well, 2 different sets of 6 arrows and 1 bow.
I'll start with the bow.

I decided to grab a short bow. So I bought the Bow Ateas. Granted, I know this is considered more of a bow for kids, I wanted something short and sweet to shoot with, to have that feel of shooting a short bow without the exceedingly long limbs, sometimes. I ran it at 27# draw weight at the 26.5" pull. For this bow, I used both sets of my new arrows. It's such a nice, light, short-bow that does no wrong for shooting 10-40 yards. Though once you start getting past 40 yards, the angle of attack changes and it becomes slightly more difficult to obtain the accurate range, but I will say I have hit the target and near the middle a few times at 60 yards. For quickdraw shooting purposes, this bow is fantastic. I found myself shooting 6 arrows within 30 seconds or less. And with very good accuracy at 10-20 yards. I recommend this bow for anyone looking maybe to start shooting and wanted something to ease into, as well as the enthusiast that wants to try something different and a bit fun yet still. Side-step shooting is actually quite a bit fun for this bow as well!

For the arrows, I picked up two sets of 6. 34" Bamboo arrows with falcon cut feathers and I believe the spine weight was 300. And then 28" A3 wooden arrows also with the falcon cut feathers and I am not entirely sure what the spine weight was for this set. So with the 28" A3 arrows, I found that they are fun to mess around with on the short bow. They don't really deform much after long use and heat like the bamboo arrows do sometimes, but they are definitely not made for aerodynamics at long range. I would not suggest using for more than 40 yards. But I do suggest using for 10-30 yards. They are fun little arrows to train on and practice shooting as they can offer a challenge to shoot and help you train your accuracy with your bow.

For the bamboo arrows at 34", these are worth every dollar I put into these arrows. I cannot tell you how well these things shoot. I wish I could get the exact specifications to anyone so they could try them. Never have I been more impressed with arrows in my life until I tried these. No carbon, aluminum, maple, oak, walnut arrows can really compare to how well these arrows I have were made. Were I able to get the specifications, I would definitely share exactly what I had. Though I had an original idea in mind, these were just adjusted slightly due to complications which made them a better make. I highly suggest the bamboo arrows offering at Sarmat Archery! Please consider buying bamboo arrows.

I live in California and ordered the arrows on May 19th, it took about a whole month to receive them which isn't bad considering the coronavirus and what not counting for delays.

Thank you again Sarmat!

by Barry on Feedback

My bow arrived today very well packed and it looks great as do the arrows, a bit of a wait from delivery to get here but well informed by kateryna as to what was happening. Now very keen to get to my field and try it out.

by Rob on Bow Varang

I ordered a weapon , I received a work of art.

by Marco Ricci on Bamboo Hankyu bow 68″

I have it since March 2018 and after 2 years and thousand and thousand of arrows, I can say that my Hankyu is still in great shape and shoot like the first day. Congratulation Sarmat, this bow is so good and so fun to shoot.

Very nice and sturdy, Works fine for 12 arrows, but i can press in even 24 if needed.
Using it for long time, still looks and hold nicely.

Thou i guess is suited for a shorter arrows. With 32 inch is a lot of weight on upper(closer to opening) hanging, so during movement is sometimes turning down, even may start dropp arrows as it may point horzontally down. Longer variant(or at least upper part where loop is) would be useful to get proper ballance.

definitively would recommend

by Miguel Wong on Bamboo Hankyu bow 59″

I am so impressed with the Hankyu with 26 pounds, equal or more performance than my beginner horsebow, will mainly use the Hankyu for most of my sessions for now.
I can do my Yugaeri and Tenouchi with no problems, the handle feels natural for doing those Kyudo techniques.
Definitely recommend it.

by Marcus on Feedback

I recently purchased Hankyu from Samart archery. The service was excellent. I received my bows which were largely bamboo laminate, it was a bit stiff for the first shots but then it became super accurate and smooth and I absolutely love my bows. I got it painted and decorated with Rattan and it looks fantastic as well. I highly recommend these guys to anyone who wants traditional archery equipment, plus they made some excellent arrows for my Yumi as well

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