by Cassidy on Feedback

Incredible product. Incredible price! what a steal!

by Ian Francis on bow Varang

I bought a 34lb 71”Varang with horn nocks in February 2020-my second Sarmat bow. First impression is how slim and elegant this bow is and how light it is. I’ve now been shooting it regularly for 6 months and have to say that it has stood up brilliantly to heavy use- there is virtually no set - it hasn’t lost any draw weight and it is as snappy now as when it was brand new. Like my Dzungar, it has no real handshock and is stable, accurate and comfortable to shoot for extended periods of time. These bamboo laminate bows are superb and a real tribute to the skill of Sarmat’s bowyer.

by Jasminder Pal Singh on Feedback

I ordered for Simurgh and recevied it in time... The Bow is lovely , sturdy and very well made by the master Bow maker Dennis. The Finishing of the Bow is smooth and the it draws smooth also. What a fantastic Bow. It gives you a non stacking expeciance and you can well draw it till 33 '', thats Awesome. As per Sarmat status... there is no compromise in qulaity and performance.... Thank you Sarmat Archery for Simurgh

by Chris Alcock on Feedback

I received my Varang Lux and Hankyu bows today, they were waiting for me when i got home . And i can't rate them highly enough. Beautifully made and exactly what I wanted ... I only managed acfew shots in my garden but I'm highly impressed by the quality, I will get out on the weekend to get some more shooting in ...
Wonderful bows... thank you Sarmat.

by Jasminder Pal Singh on Feedback

Cuman .... a Bow that surprises with performance
i ordereed for Cuman that came to me in time , thanks to Sarmat Archery. Cuman is a light Bow and gives considerable fast release, ideal to be drawn upto 28 inches and it performs perfect within its limits. Accurate , fast light weight and coin shaped horn tips gives you extra advantage to use fast flight string as well as sturdiness...... more over in such price.. this Bow is a win win Bow... all the best

by Maria Sund on Bow Mamai

I have used longer bows before and wanted to have good short bow that is enough strong for hunting. I selected Mamai, special with horn pads on tips. I like this bow a lot ands can also recommend this. It is so pretty, feels light in hand, accurate and is nice strong too when draws the full length.

by Anthony on Bow Mamai

Wow just wow. The quality is fantastic and the price can’t be beaten. I
Would recommend this bow 100 percent not only that the customer service is the best I have ever had. Any question you need answered they do in a very timely matter . Thanks guys again Anthony

by Rich Fleming on Bow Alan

Received my 32# Bow Alan yesterday and can't put it down! Beautifully made and a joy to shoot...smooth and accurate. Truly amazing for the price - highly recommended.

Also purchased a half dozen A3 arrows and again can highly recommend them - perfectly straight and you can see that a great deal of care has been put into their construction.

Customer service has been super too.

by Piotr Kosiorek on Maple shafts

The best maple shafts I have ever used.

by Piotr Kosiorek on Pine shafts

Very good shafts, well-seasoned. You will not get any better from machine production.

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