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by Barry on Feedback

My bow arrived today very well packed and it looks great as do the arrows, a bit of a wait from delivery to get here but well informed by kateryna as to what was happening. Now very keen to get to my field and try it out.

by Rob on Bow Varang

I ordered a weapon , I received a work of art.

by Marco Ricci on Bamboo Hankyu bow 68″

I have it since March 2018 and after 2 years and thousand and thousand of arrows, I can say that my Hankyu is still in great shape and shoot like the first day. Congratulation Sarmat, this bow is so good and so fun to shoot.

Very nice and sturdy, Works fine for 12 arrows, but i can press in even 24 if needed.
Using it for long time, still looks and hold nicely.

Thou i guess is suited for a shorter arrows. With 32 inch is a lot of weight on upper(closer to opening) hanging, so during movement is sometimes turning down, even may start dropp arrows as it may point horzontally down. Longer variant(or at least upper part where loop is) would be useful to get proper ballance.

definitively would recommend

by Miguel Wong on Bamboo Hankyu bow 59″

I am so impressed with the Hankyu with 26 pounds, equal or more performance than my beginner horsebow, will mainly use the Hankyu for most of my sessions for now.
I can do my Yugaeri and Tenouchi with no problems, the handle feels natural for doing those Kyudo techniques.
Definitely recommend it.

by Marcus on Feedback

I recently purchased Hankyu from Samart archery. The service was excellent. I received my bows which were largely bamboo laminate, it was a bit stiff for the first shots but then it became super accurate and smooth and I absolutely love my bows. I got it painted and decorated with Rattan and it looks fantastic as well. I highly recommend these guys to anyone who wants traditional archery equipment, plus they made some excellent arrows for my Yumi as well

by klaus Permadynamics on Traditional Bow “Orhan”

Had this bow for 5 month now and it is a fine bow. Snappy, light, no shock, aestetic and great craftmanship. Even flicks the heavier kyudo bamboo arrows out fast and accurate. Just makes me want to shoot it twice, every day. The perfect bow to get into Gao Yin style Way of Archery,
Thanks Sarmat Team!

by Ian Francis on Bow Dzungar

I have just got a 71” Dzungar-36lbs @ 28” and shot it tonight for the first time. What a bow! Beautifully made, no appreciable handshock and accurate from the start. It weighs virtually nothing ; is incredibly stable and has a very gentle and progressive draw curve. I absolutely love it!! Buy one-you won’t regret it.

by John on Bow Varang

I have shown the Varang to several longbow archers and I get nothing but compliments on the build quality.

I shot a 3D last weekend and although I have to get used to the more heavy buildup and lower speed (compared to my fiber/bamboo laminate) it shoots beautifully. The bamboo arrows perform way better as my wooden ones (I already knew that, this is my third set).

#40 Varang, #47 at 32" and loving it

by Roger Appleboom on Traditional Bow “Oirat”

This is the second bow I've had from Sarmat, the first being the Simurgh. The length of the Oirat is not too different, but the overall initial impression is of an exceptionally light and fairly plain, but exquisitely made, bow; almost like a child's toy. The bow weight is only 380 grams.
The draw is smooth without stacking, the release is clean and forgiving, and there is no hand-shock at all. The surprise is the apparent arrow speed for such an innocent looking bow.
Using a chronograph, and comparing the Oirat with a traditional Korean bow, which is short, aggressively recurved, and the benchmark for fast horse bows, confirms the initial impression that this is a deceptively fast and capable bow. These figures are all using a thumb ring.
A 370 grain carbon arrow averaged 216ft/sec
A 478 grain wood arrow drawn to 32ins averaged 198ft/sec
A 555 grain maple arrow, which will be the normal shaft used with this bow, averaged 188ft,sec.
These speeds are similar to the Korean bow, one of the fastest traditionally styled Asiatic bows I have.
Very impressive!
I think the Korean bow might have been faster but for the fact that the shortness of it makes a clean release that much more difficult.
And this is where the Oirat proves itself to be such a usable bow; it pulls sweetly like a longbow, allows a consistently smooth release, and has the punch of something much heavier.
A very impressive instrument from Sarmat, and one that has become one of my favourites in a short period of time..........Perfect

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