by Michael de Nijs on Bow Mamai

I got this one years back in 22 pounds along with boo arrows. Both awesome and sturdy. The bow is my go to practice or lazy afternoon bow. It's amazing quality to price ratio, elegant curves and the kind service from the people at Sarmat are all good reasons to get one (: I heartily recommend getting a traditional bow from here, it's hard to beat

by Anthony Rago on Feedback

I made a custom bow with Sarmat archery and I can only recommend them 100 percent. Not only is the craftsmanship fantastic but they service with emails is unreal. The bow is a work of art and as a new archer they were so helpful answering all my questions. Thank you Sarmat Archery 5 ⭐️STARS ⭐️

by Maria Wahry on Feedback

I have 5 bows from Sarmat, and I like them very much. The newest is Cuman. I am very satisfied shooting them. It's a pleasure for me. Custom service Kateryna, is very friendly and fast. 5 Stars. Thanks, Maria from Vienna

by Yves on Feedback

I received (in France)a Hankyu bow 68´ and 30 pounds of Draw Weight
only 10 days after order!
Perfect quality for the price.
The arrows (Kyudo style) look perfect and have a good balance.
i will try in a few days to shoot some arrows.
Thank you Sarmat Archery!

by Aaron on Bow Varang Lux

Highly recommended. The bow has a minor bit of hand shock, but that's to be expected with all longbows. The bow feels fast, and it will throw your arrow where you're looking. Take care of it how you would any other laminated bow, and you're looking at something that will give you years of enjoyment.

I purchased a 45lbs bow with right hand set on the string.
Out of the box the bow was extremely aesthetically pleasing and felt pleasant in the hand. having now had a chance to shoot it I have to say that once it sets in, the bow is very pleasant. The shape facilitates good khatra and the limbs snap forwards with pleasing vigour. I also noticed very little if any hand shock, arrows shot consistently with good accuracy. I recommend the Kyudo style arrows.

All in all I would say the price is very fair for what you receive.

by Mac on Bow Ateas

This is a great little bow. The craftsmanship is spot on. I can't recommend it enough, I bought it for my son and he loves it, it's perfect for beginners. The customer service at Sarmat is fantastic, they go out of their way to get things perfect the customizing they did was exactly what we needed. I plan to purchase more bows from them in the future. Thanks Sarmat!!😃🙏

Fantstic, Fabulous, Awesome

by Jonathan Brazel on Kyudo style bamboo arrows

Bought a Yumi with a custom paint job and a dozen kyudo arrows.
It is absolutely stunning, it also turns heads wherever I shoot with it.
Absolutely top class work sarmat archery. I will definitely be ordering more in the very near future. 10/10.

This is my first non modern bow and the quality for the price is astounding. Shoots very smoothly, nice comfortable grip. Not to mention it is addicting to shoot because of the right side thumb grip with no arrow shelf. I highly recommend this masterpiece of a bow.

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