I just got these arrows and I'm happy with them. Although I ordered them for a 45lbs bow, they even fly better shot by a 60lbs bow. Maybe that's because of the weight, the arrows are quite heavy (maple wood).

I will definately buy again from Sarmat Archery.

by Jay on Feedback

The barreled wooden arrows look good and work well. They're a delight to shoot and are thankfully pretty robust. I've missed terribly once or twice already and the arrows held up well. I've been having a lot of trouble finding a good source for arrows. I'm glad someone recommended these arrows to me. Sarmat has a customer for life in me.

Beautiful and practical with the extra front compartments. The perfect complement for my turkish short bow. Therefore I use it with rather short arrows.

A really stunning bow. Painted black with extra red windings: very beautiful. And indeed a powerful beast which shoots just nicely. Had a Hankyu before, made in the US for double the price, and was very unhappy with it. No comparison by far!
And very helpful and courteous customer service by Kateryna. I'd fully recommend products and company anytime.

by Colin Lutz on Feedback

I wanted to make some bamboo arrows, and Sarmat was one of the few sites I felt I could trust. Customer service was really excellent (thanks Kateryna), communication was first class, and most importantly the bamboo shafts were really excellent, straight well finished and all within three grams in weight They flew wonderfully, and I highly recommend this company and it's products. Colin, in England

by Anthony Rago on Bow Rarog

This bow is simply amazing. Customer service deserves 5 stars

by David Smith on Manchu style bamboo arrows

After loving the Hankyu and yumi arrows I bought a while back I ordered 12 Manchu style arrows (84cm long), They arrived a few days ago but today was the first chance I Had to get to the club field to try them out. All I can say is fabulous. Sarmat's arrows are beautifully made, dead straight and fly beautifully. For 7$ each they are far and away the best bamboo arrows I own at any price. If you haven't tried arrows (and bows) from this company you are missing out.

by Kevin on Bow Mamai

What a great little bow! Got this to start practicing thumb release and khatra. Took me a little bit to get used to it, as I've always shot three under off the shelf. Now that I'm getting the hang of things, it's been a lot of fun. Thank you sarmat! Worth every penny.

by Corey on Feedback

I purchased a 44# 71” hankyu. I am shocked at how amazing it is to shoot. My modern bows don’t even compare. The kyudo style arrows are the star of the show though. Extremely well made and fly amazingly. I’ve seen other people say they don’t know how the price is so low and I agree. This is top notch work. I’ll be ordering more arrows, hopefully another bow, and a quiver when they decide to make them. Sarmat Archery has earned a life long customer with me.

by Ottavio Misefari on Feedback

I recently purchased another Rarog bow. this time i requiring a small modification. bow executed excellently. it is a pleasure to shoot with this bow.

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