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 by FOURNIER on Sarmat Archery

I Just received my order: hankyu and kyudo arrows. Very nice job in such difficulties for Ukrainia and people. Very nice handwork, very strong packaging and fast trip in war conditions. Thanks to Kateryna and all the team.

 by Stephane on Sarmat Archery

" THankyu" Sarmat!!! c'est un honneur et une grande sensation de pratiquer avec votre 71 !
les étoiles d'évaluation ne fonctionnent pas: *****

 by Steve M on Sarmat Archery

Had a few weeks with my Crimean Giray, and love it! Fantastic workmanship, a grip that perfectly fits my larger hand and is wonderfully smooth to draw, stable and accurate. Fantastic communication and service from Sarmat under incredibly difficult circumstances. These guys deserve all the support possible!!!

 by Yohta on Kyudo style bamboo arrows

I think I ordered a bit difficult, several pairs of arrows with the same spine shaft, but different weights. But they were all the same, with the centre of gravity in the correct position. Many cheap products don't pay attention here, but sarmat products are different, they are not cheap about quality. There are very few weight errors and the finish is beautiful. They are also available for detailed custom orders. When you need arrows made of natural materials, the first thing to consider is sarmat products.

 by Yohta on Bow Alan

I bought an alan lux (it's a new model, send them a PM for details). It is very good and I have many words of praise for it, especially its gentlemanly draw force and lightness, perhaps an advantage of the material. These are things that a fibreglass bow does not have, but on the other hand I don't think it is inferior in terms of performance. I am sure that other sarmat products are similar in terms of these characteristics, but I think that this bow, with its particularly strong and beautiful recurve, is the best choice for users who do not want to compromise on performance.

See below.

 by Gary Cooper on Sarmat Archery

Just received delivery of my Jurchen bow and Bamboo Manchu arrows. The bow looks great and the arrows look beautiful. Can't wait to try them out.

 by T. Nguyen on Sarmat Archery

My Hankyu 71" looks great, and is fun to shoot. It is also great value for the price.

 by William Frey on Sarmat Archery

I ordered the large Yumi before the troubles started. I recieved the bow and arrows todayboth are beautiful. Thank So much. I will probaly get anothe rone soon.

 by Mark Pearce on Bamboo Hankyu bow 71″

The craftsmanship of this bow is flawless. It is absolutely a please to look at to hold and to shoot. I also ordered with 6 Kyudo style arrows. The arrows are also flawless and beautiful and they are perfectly matched to this bow. I am amazed at this combination. The customer service was awesome. Kateryna was also awesome. Sarmat archery is awesome. I can’t say enough good about this company and their service and products. I will definitely be buying more from this company.

 by Ivan on Bow Rarog

Got the Rarog and Varang Lux 60# and 70# respectively. Smooth shooting bows which are decently fast as well. They are slightly recurved when unstrung so after a couple of thousand arrows they don't really show any visible sings of set. Great bows, great customer service.

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