Videoreview from our friend Armin Hirmer, Malta archery.

Bow Dzungar.


Videoreview from our customer Bob Walker from Netherlands.
Bow Hankyu

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These are fantastic arrows. Highly recommended.

by Ufuk Zayim on Bow Dzungar

Great bow,powerfull,accuret,allmost no handshock.Beside that great service.Friendly people.I appreciate very much.

by Bertram Sadri on Traditional Bow Simurgh

One of the best bows I have.
Excellent service and very nice communication.

I bought a set of bamboo kyudo arrows! These are fantastic! Will definitely buy more of them

by Steve Smith on Bow Varang

Hankyu 71" (30#) and Varang 71" (35#). 12 Budget Arrows 12 Bamboo arrows (36") and 12 Kyudo style bamboo arrows (36").

The shipment was very securely packed and arrived without fault. I was surprised by the fine quality of the bow sleeves and I wasn't aware they were included with the purchase. They provide a handy storage and portage device for the bows. The arrows are all beautiful and so nicely done that I'm almost reluctant to risk shooting them even though they cost dollars less than the carbon fiber ones I've been shooting. Both bows are works of art, and perform far better than my capabilities. I'm very impressed by the spring inherent in bamboo. Incredibly, one time I actually strung the Varang backwards (I'm an old man), and even shot it before I questioned why the grip was wrong! Anyway, it didn't hurt the bow and it strung a shot correctly thereafter. Quite a testament to the flexibility and sturdiness of bamboo and the fine workmanship of the bowyer. I found the same outstanding accommodation from Kateryna that has been mentioned by others and thoroughly enjoyed the buying experience. Both bows are fun and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a fresh and novel archery experience.

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