Bamboo Hankyu bow 71″

130.00 $

Traditional bamboo-laminated Bow Hankyu lenght 71″. Stylization of Japanese hankyu bow.



Traditional bamboo-laminated Bow Hankyu. It is a stylization of Japanese hankyu bow. This is asymmetrical bow, the grip (nigiri) has to be positioned at about two thirds of the distance from the upper tip. Bow has leather grip and rattan winding. There are special thickening pads at the bow ends.
Materials: ash wood + bamboo
The full length of the bow 71″
Draw weight: 18-49#, measured at 28″ draw length
Max. draw length: 31″-35″ depends on the  draw weight:
for 18-24# draw weight – 35″ draw length
for 25-30# draw weight – 34″ draw length
for 31-39# draw weight – 33″ draw length
for 40-45# draw weight – 32″ draw length
for 46-49# draw weight – 31″ draw length

You can specify draw weight of the bow and other details after the order is placed.
If you have any questions, please email to us

Video Tutorial: how to care for the Hankyu bow

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 5 reviews

I initially ordered a 68'' Hankyu but because SarmatArchery had a 71'' one with a 34# at 28’’, I took it, and I did well! At first I thought it will be a little too heavy for me, but after a few shots it "set in" and became so smooth that is a real pleasure to shoot with it!The string is a little thin for my arrows (I ordered a set of Kyudo style arrows with it), but after adding a hemp second serving, as is custom in Kyudo, it is just right.Overall I have a very good impression of the bow, the finish is good, the string is nice, and while this particular bow is limited to 33'' draw length, it is more than enough for me and my arrows.I'll surely buy another one soon, with an even longer draw length, and I recommend all Japanese archery amateurs to get one!

by Nils Fringes on Bamboo Hankyu bow 71″

I bought this beauty immedietly after finding this site and i dont regret it. It shoots really nice with only little handshock but that is to be expected from a bow with this size. It is very well made and it handles nicely. An absolute Treasure

by Ernest Sheffield on Bamboo Hankyu bow 71″

I got the Hankyu 71" and a set of Kyudo arrows. Wow! For the price I paid this bow is a steal! The quality is outstanding, of both the bow and the arrows. Truly a fun bow to shoot. I have a co-worker that is a Kyudoka. He said that he really liked my bow, and it was a really good one. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

My 71" Hankyu has arrived - well done bow, nice work! Thanks for this bamboo beauty 🙂 I start learning to shoot with it correctly.Ps. I love the golden serving on the string.

The best bow that I have and meet the accuracy of bamboo arrow