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Bamboo Hankyu bow 59″

125.00 $

Traditional bamboo-laminated Bow Hankyu 59″ length. Stylization of Japanese hankyu bow.



The Traditional bamboo-laminated Hankyu Bow. It is a stylization of Japanese Hankyu bow. This is asymmetrical bow, the grip (nigiri) has to be positioned at about two thirds of the distance from the upper tip. The Bow has a leather grip and five rattan winding. There are special thickening pads at the bow ends.

Materials: ash wood + bamboo

The bowstring and fabric case is complete with the bow.

The full length of the bow 59″
Draw weight: 18-45#, measured at 28″ draw length
Max. draw length: 27″-31″ depends on the  draw weight:
for 18-22# draw weight – max 31″ draw length
for 23-29# draw weight – max 30″ draw length
for 30-35# draw weight – max 29″ draw length
for 36-40# draw weight – max 28″ draw length
for 41-45# draw weight – max 27″ draw length

The inner layers of the bamboo and the wooden base are heat treated to increase the elasticity of the bow. For the extra cost we can made additional rattan winding and also painting the bow.

The cost of additional options:

Painting bow in one color – 10 usd.
Additional winding with rattan at the rate of 1 usd for 1cm.
Painting the rattan winding in a different color besides the natural one at the rate of 1cm – 1 usd.

There are three options for the position of the bowstring.
1. Central position of the bowstring. In this case, the arrow can be applied both to the left and to the right side of the bow.
2. Bowstring offset to the right of the grip. Such position is commonly used on classic Japanese bows.
3. Bowstring offset to the left of the grip.

You can choose the position of the bowstring when ordering bow or after the order is placed.
By default, if nothing is specified we send bow with central string position or with right offset of the string (depending on which bow will be available).
Please note that the effectiveness of shooting depends not so much on the position of the bowstring as on the skills of shooting.
Nonetheless right string offset help to shoot with Japanese technique same as for left-handed people left string offset, and central position of the string gives more maneuver for shooting different technique with the arrow on both sides of the bow.
Also note that these bows are handmade bows made from natural materials. It is impossible to achieve absolutely central bowstring position, so there is a tolerance of about + -5mm.

You can specify draw weight of the bow and other details after the order is placed.
If you have any questions, please email to us

Video Tutorial: how to care for the Hankyu bow. This video contains English subtitles, do not forget turn them on

Video with bamboo heat treatment process

Speed of Hankyu Bow 59″

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Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Miguel Wong on Hankyu 59"

I am so impressed with the Hankyu with 26 pounds, equal or more performance than my beginner horsebow, will mainly use the Hankyu for most of my sessions for now.
I can do my Yugaeri and Tenouchi with no problems, the handle feels natural for doing those Kyudo techniques.
Definitely recommend it.

 by Arnaud Flour on Hankyu 59"

I received my hankyu 59" 29# a few weeks ago. this bow is perfect for me in international level horseback archery competition (hungarian, korean and polish style). nice quality and very good service Sarmat Archery. thanks a lot from France

 by Paul on Hankyu 59"

Excellent Bow very pleased with the crafted finish. Just received the bow and shot European style but will try the Japanese style soon. Very good service all round.

 by james on Hankyu 59"

Received 59" hankyuu (35# @ 28) mid-May and it's awesome. The bow is well built and sturdy. Communication from Ms. Kateryna was impeccable and she kept me up-to-date of the order. Shipping was really fast too! I got the parcel within a week from Ukraine to Hawaii! It's fun learning from this bow and highly recommended if you're looking for quality starter bamboo Japanese asymmetrical bow for a good price. Cheers!

 by Fran G. on Hankyu 59"

Excelent quality! Profesional service of the staff. The bow its a nice art work. Details nice care. Im really satisfied with the product.

 by Howard Davis (Toda Kuroitora) on Hankyu 59"

I have recently purchased and have begun using a Hankyu. I am Bugeisha and am having to give up my fighting training due to age and injuries which are making themselves more apparent in my daily life. So, I am exploring both Korean and Japanese archery and have a Korean bow as well as the Hankyu. I got my hankyu from Sarmat Archery and I appreciate the assistance that I received from Kateryna when I emailed them. She's a very nice lady and incredibly helpful.I'd like to say that it's an amazing bow. I have, in my arsenal along with my other training weapons, a Korean bow and 2 Hungarian leather covered recurve horse bows in addition to the Hankyu. Honestly, I really thoroughly enjoy the way the Hankyu looks and feels in the hand. I highly recommend this bow and the videos created on youtube by Mr. Armin Hirmer ( These bows are true works of art. They are simple, elegant, and pretty.*Do keep in mind that these pieces of creative work take a few weeks as they are coming from the Ukraine. Be patient. It's very much worth the wait.I only wish I had a Kyudoka in my area to guide my study. Being Yudansha only makes me more aware of what I am missing, probably do not realize am doing incorrectly in my form, and oh so aware of what I do not know. Living in El Paso, TX has its benefits of multicultural exposure but it also has its limits in that, for things which are not here, the travel time to anyone for guidance/instruction is monstrously long by car/bus/horse or expensive by air. Any suggestions are welcome...

 by Achim Steigert on Hankyu 59"

I received a second hand "hankyū" of yours, which unfortunately was only a 24# one. I'll make a YouTube review as soon as I can!As soon as I have enough money to buy a 40# one, I'll order one and make a review on that one too, but that might take a while.Shooting the 24#: I cannot confirm the issues with the rectangular grip. The bow shoots quite well, but still has quite an impact, even with the low draw weight.The entire bow is very light, yet quite strong. The attachment points of the string are safe and well done.The leather grip is comfortable and allows the forward spinning motion of the string release quite well.The string is nicely done and of good quality.Overall experience: a very nice bow! I can only recommend it, and so I did! I know that some people already confirmed they will take my advice and order your equipment!Kudos!!!