Bow Varang

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Traditional bamboo-laminated Bow Varang. Stylization of medieval European longbow. Symmetric handle with leather grip, also available execution option with a notch in the handle from left or right side.



The traditional bamboo-laminated bow “Varang” bow is a stylization of medieval European longbows.
This is a simplified version of the bow Varang Lux

The Varang has a straight form and a symmetric handle with a leather grip. There’s also an alternative option with a notch in the handle on the left or right side. The Varang will suit everyone who prefers longbows. This bow bends good throughout the entire length, the maximum draw length can be 34 inches. The full length of the bow a 68 inches (171 сm).

Like all longbows and unlike short recurve bows, the Varang is less demanding in terms of the shooting technique. For a wooden longbow made without fiberglass, it has a good speed rating. For the draw length at 32 pounds per 28 inches, the speed of a 380-grain arrow will be about 150 frames per second.

The bowstring and fabric case is complete with the bow.

Materials: ash wood+bamboo
String material: dacron (analog)
Total length: 68”
The length of the string: 65”
Draw weight: 25-50#
Max. draw length:
34” for bow with poundage up to 30#
33” for bow with poundage 31-37#
32” for bow with poundage 38-44#
31” for bow with poundage 45-50#

Video Tutorial: how to care for the bamboo laminated bows. This video contains English subtitles, do not forget turn them on

Speed of Varang Bow

Videoreview made by Armin Hirmer, Malta archery

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Ian Francis on bow Varang

I bought a 34lb 71”Varang with horn nocks in February 2020-my second Sarmat bow. First impression is how slim and elegant this bow is and how light it is. I’ve now been shooting it regularly for 6 months and have to say that it has stood up brilliantly to heavy use- there is virtually no set - it hasn’t lost any draw weight and it is as snappy now as when it was brand new. Like my Dzungar, it has no real handshock and is stable, accurate and comfortable to shoot for extended periods of time. These bamboo laminate bows are superb and a real tribute to the skill of Sarmat’s bowyer.

 by Rob on bow Varang

I ordered a weapon , I received a work of art.

 by John on bow Varang

I have shown the Varang to several longbow archers and I get nothing but compliments on the build quality.

I shot a 3D last weekend and although I have to get used to the more heavy buildup and lower speed (compared to my fiber/bamboo laminate) it shoots beautifully. The bamboo arrows perform way better as my wooden ones (I already knew that, this is my third set).

#40 Varang, #47 at 32" and loving it

 by Karl Günther on bow Varang

At the moment two of my longbow students shoot the Varang with draw weights around 30 lbs. Even in that low draw weight the bow performs great and throws wooden arrows fast and far! Both students get better results with the Varang, than with their fibreglass and osage bows, they had before and I like to shoot the Varang too....

 by Ottavio on bow Varang

I bought the bow and I am very happy about it. It is beautifull, smooth, very well made. its a pleasure to shoot.

 by Steve Smith on bow Varang

Hankyu 71" (30#) and Varang 71" (35#). 12 Budget Arrows 12 Bamboo arrows (36") and 12 Kyudo style bamboo arrows (36").

The shipment was very securely packed and arrived without fault. I was surprised by the fine quality of the bow sleeves and I wasn't aware they were included with the purchase. They provide a handy storage and portage device for the bows. The arrows are all beautiful and so nicely done that I'm almost reluctant to risk shooting them even though they cost dollars less than the carbon fiber ones I've been shooting. Both bows are works of art, and perform far better than my capabilities. I'm very impressed by the spring inherent in bamboo. Incredibly, one time I actually strung the Varang backwards (I'm an old man), and even shot it before I questioned why the grip was wrong! Anyway, it didn't hurt the bow and it strung a shot correctly thereafter. Quite a testament to the flexibility and sturdiness of bamboo and the fine workmanship of the bowyer. I found the same outstanding accommodation from Kateryna that has been mentioned by others and thoroughly enjoyed the buying experience. Both bows are fun and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a fresh and novel archery experience.

 by Tommaso on bow Varang

I bought two bows from Sarmat Archery. A Hankyu 68" and a Varang 71" (with a beautiful set of arrows A1) and I'm incredibly happy with my purchase. The bows are wonderful, fast, accurate and really really well made. I'm really amazed and impressed at their quality for the price I paid. I owned several bows (also very expensive bow) but the feeling I feel with these two bows leaves me truly speechless !!The service is also fantastic, Kateryna was very kind to me and she always responded to my messages quickly and extremely professionally.I really recommend Sarmat Archery at 110% for anyone looking for the feeling of a traditional bow at the right price.Keep it up guys, you're the best!!

 by Daniele on bow Varang

I bought this bow two years ago and I am still very happy about it. The optional arrow rest makes it easier to shoot, still mainting the traditional longbow look. It is smooth, very well made and durable. I use bamboo and wood arrows from Sarmat Archery too. Price / quality is absolutely unbeatable for a recreational bow, that will give you many satisfactions over the years.

 by Alan on bow Varang

I have just received my varang bow 71" and 44lb @ 28" draw and was more than pleased as how it shoots. I went down to the archery club and shot at 30 Meters with 2016 aluminium feather Fletcher arrows. I was able to get consistent groupings with the bow and could place the arrows between the red and gold. Not bad for a first attempt with the bow. It shoots smoothly and is just fun to shoot. It is a bow I would recommend to any traditional archer .

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