Bow Varang Lux

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Traditional bamboo-laminated Bow Varang Lux. Stylization of medieval European longbow. Symmetric handle with leather grip, narrow tips with horn pads. Also available execution option with a notch in the handle from left or right side. Length 180cm (71″)



The traditional bamboo-laminated “Varang” bow is a stylization of medieval European longbows. It has relatively narrow limbs with a rectangular cross-section. Bow ends are reinforced with frontal horn pads.

Bayeux Tapestry

A scene from the Bayeux Tapestry showing archers with Norman bows in the Battle of Hastings (1066)

In the Old Russ, the Slavs used to call Vikings “Varang”, so our bow is named after these Scandinavian warriors. According to the chronicles, the leader of one of the Varangs detachments founded the dynasty of the Kievan princes.

Prototype of the Varang bow was the North European wooden longbow, which was used by the Vikings. Such bows were named “Hedeby” after the Danish Viking Age trading settlement (8th-11th centuries) where they were found. During the archaeological excavations, a complete 191-сm yew longbow was hunted up.

The bow from the Hedeby

Illustration of the bow, founded in the Hedeby

The Varang has a straight form and a symmetric handle with a leather grip. There’s also an alternative option with a notch in the handle on the left or right side. The Varang will suit everyone who prefers longbows. This bow bends good throughout the entire length. The maximum draw length can be 35-36 inches (for bow with 25-30 pounds draw weight).

Like all longbows and unlike short recurve bows, the Varang is less demanding in terms of the shooting technique. For a wooden longbow made without fiberglass, it has a good speed rating. For the draw length at 32 pounds per 28 inches, the speed of a 380-grain arrow will be about 150 frames per second.

Illustration of the death of Edmund the Martyr by the Vikings (20 November 869)
Illustration of the death of Edmund the Martyr by the Vikings (20 November 869)

The bowstring and fabric case is complete with the bow.

Materials: ash wood+bamboo
String material: dacron (analog)
Total length: 71” (180cm)
The length of the string: 68”
Draw weight: 25-50#
Max. draw length:
36” for bow with poundage 25-29#
35” for bow with poundage 30-34#
34” for bow with poundage 35-39#
33” for bow with poundage 40-45#
32” for bow 71” and poundage 46-50#

Video Tutorial: how to care for the bamboo laminated bows. This video contains English subtitles, do not forget turn them on

Speed of Varang Bow

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 3 reviews
 by SC on Bow Varang Lux

The Varang Lux is smooth to draw, and accurate. This is my first longbow and the price/quality proposition is in my opinion unbeatable! Just like my Alan bow, the Varang is well executed. Excellent customer service despite doubtless difficult wartime conditions. Kateryna was always responsive and great with needed info. I am happy with the purchase and very happy to support a Ukrainian enterprise any time. All my best to the people at Sarmat 🙂

 by Scott on Bow Varang Lux

This is the first bow I have ever owned and I absolutely love it. It was recommended to me by someone on the r/Archery on reddit as being good for a beginner like myself. To me this bow is a great value, as I was looking for a shelfless, English longbow style bow that was affordable. It is beautiful to look at and feels good to shoot. The only thing I didn't like was the bright orange and black striped bowstring as I was hoping for a bit more of a traditional look. I would highly recommend this to others looking for a bow of this kind.

 by Aaron on Bow Varang Lux

Highly recommended. The bow has a minor bit of hand shock, but that's to be expected with all longbows. The bow feels fast, and it will throw your arrow where you're looking. Take care of it how you would any other laminated bow, and you're looking at something that will give you years of enjoyment.