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Traditional Bow “Amage”

185.00 $

Traditional entry level recurve bow, well suited for women archers and beginners. It suitable for horseback archery because it is lightweight, flexible, and compact.



The recurve bow “Amage” is a stylization of the ancient and medieval composite bows made of horn, wood, and sinew.

mounted warriors (14th century)
Illustration showing the mounted warriors (14th century)

Many ancient people were using recurve composite bows starting from the second millennium BC. Among these ancient peoples were also Sarmatians. They were using such bows during the war and for hunting. Initially, the Sarmatians had been using the shorter Scythian bows, but then the longer type of bow entered the historical weapon arena. The grip and the ends were reinforced with bone plates whereas the arrows became heavier with iron arrowheads.

Sarmatians with bows
The Sarmatian cataphracts with recurve bows

Our bow model is named after Sarmatian queen Amage, wife of Sarmatian king Medosacus (2nd сentury).  The Amage is an entry level bow that will be a good choice for ladies and beginners. This model is also suitable for horseback archery because it is lightweight, flexible, and compact. The Amage has a good speed rating (about 160 fps for a nearly 30-pound bow) and we consider it a good characteristic for the start level bow.

Apollo and Artemis with bow
The Tondo of an Attic red-figure cup with Apollo and Artemis (about 450 B.C., Louvre)

The bowstring and fabric case is complete with the bow.

Materials: wood, fiberglass
String material: Fast flight
Total length (Tip to tip along the belly): 52″
The length of the string: 48”
Draw weight: 18-30#
Max. draw length: 28″

Speed of Amaga Bow

Videoreview made by Armin Hirmer, Malta archery

Videoreview made by the Ukrainian archery horseback team Cherep. This video contains English subtitles, do not forget turn them on

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