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Traditional Bow “Simurgh”

310.00 $

The traditional fiberglass laminated bow Simurgh is stylization of Sasanian bows.



This bow model is stylization of Sasanian bows in our author’s vision.
Such recursive bows of medium length  with long horns also similar to medieval Mongolian or Yuan bows.  Even medieval Hungarian bows have much in common, it’s due to fact that all this bow types originate from “Hun” bows.

Examples of ancient images of Sasanian bows

Sasanian archer 7th_century_AD
Sasanian archer 7th_century_AD
Sasanian archer 7th_century_AD
Sasanian archer 7th_century_AD

Example of ancient images of Mongolian and Yuan bow

a picture of an archer, the 13th century China
a picture of an archer, the 13th century China

The bowstring and fabric case is complete with the bow.

Base model (wood, fiberglass, patch of horn on handle and ends) – 310$
Lux model (wood, fiberglass, precious wood on limbs, patch of horn on handle and ends) -350$

Materials: wood, fiberglass, veneer of precious wood on limbs. Also horn pads at handle and bow ends
String material: fastflight
Total envelope length: 60″
The length of the string: 53″
Draw weight: 25-50#
Max. draw length depends of poundage:
for bow up to 32# – 34″
33-40# – 33″
41-50# – 32″

Videoreview made by Armin Hirmer, Malta archery

Videoreviews made by Dmitry Cherep, Ukrainian archery horseback team Cherep. This video contains English subtitles, do not forget turn them on

Speed of Simurgh Bow

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 3 reviews
 by Jasminder Pal Singh on Traditional Bow Simurgh

Simurgh is a Fantastic Bow with fusion style of Yuan Bow and Han Bow from China. Very well made by master Bowmaker Dennis Yesteryev. This Bow has lovely smooth finish, very well made. When comes to performance, it gives a surprising speed, I am using 36# Simurgh and it's awesome and pleasure to shoot with it.This Bow is forgiving. Thank you Sarmat Archery.

 by Rolf Baumann on Traditional Bow Simurgh

The Simurgh is very beautful, looks authentic like a weapon from an ancient period. So it would be great for LARP or re-enactments or medievil fares or something like that. The tips and arrow rests are nicely reinforced with horn inlays. This adds to the quality look. It is also rather light weight, aournd 450 gramms so no problem to carry around all day. The draw experience is awesome, no stacking, very smooth. As is the release: the bow allows for a clean release, nice groupings and accurate shootings. With 10 grain per pound bamboo arrows, I was able to achieve 180 feet per second arrow speeds. The handle is the best for european hands: not too small as are many asian bows, but wide enough and deep enough for a solid, confident grip on the bow. The leather wrap around the handle helps very much with the good feeling and it also prevents sweat from the bow hand getting to the wood. So I can very much recommend this bow!

 by Bertram Sadri on Traditional Bow Simurgh

One of the best bows I have.
Excellent service and very nice communication.