Bow Rarog

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Traditional bamboo-laminated Bow Rarog. Stylization of long recurve bow which were used in the north of Kievan Rus. Symmetric handle with leather grip, also available execution option with a notch in the handle from left or right side.



The bamboo-laminated Rarog bow is a stylization of the finno-ugric and saami long recurve bows. Similar bows were widespread in the north of Eurasia in the Middle Ages and earlier time.

The scheme of the finno-ugric bow
The scheme of the finno-ugric bow

There are several finds of similar bows in Europe. One of them found on the excavations in the Veliky Novgorod. In total, were found 3 bows there. The oldest of them was found in 1956 and dates from the middle of the 10th century. This bow were made of wood (birch and juniper), tendons and bones.  Judging by the length of the parts found, the length of Novgorod bow was about 190 cm. The North Slavs used such bows for the hunting and in the distant battle.

There are details of the bows found on the excavations in the Novgorod

Medieval illustrations show that the long recurve bows were also common in central and northern Europe in early Middle Ages.

The scene of the Stuttgart Psalter (9th century). This Illustration shows that archers used long recurve bow in the early medieval Europe

The Rarog is named after a fire demon from Slavic mythology. This mythological deity often depicted as a fiery falcon.

The Rarog also made of a natural materials. The carcass of the bow is made of ash covered with a laminated bamboo. The ash gives power, the bamboo makes model more flexible and reliable. The Rarog has a symmetric handle with a leather grip.

This bow is suitable for the archers of any skill level. But you should to consider a draw weight. For the beginners is better not more than 30 pounds. The experienced archers can take more powerful bow with a draw weight from 35 до  60 pounds.

The bow has two lengths, 68 and 71 inches. The 71-inch variant is well suited for long-range archers. Maximum draw length can be 31-36 inches depending on the tension forces.

The bowstring and fabric case is complete with the bow.

Materials: ash wood + bamboo
String material: dacron
Total length: 68″ and 71″
The length of the string: 65″ and 68″
Draw weight: 30-55#
Max. draw length depends on the  draw weight for 71″ bow (for 68″ 1 inch less):
for up to 25# draw weight – 36″ max draw length
for 25-30# draw weight – 35″ max draw length
for 31-35# draw weight – 34″ max draw length
for 36-40# draw weight – 33″ max draw length
for 41-50# draw weight – 32″ max draw length
for 51-55# draw weight – 31″ max draw length

Tutorial: how to care for the bamboo laminated bows. This video contains English subtitles, do not forget turn them on

Videoreview made by Armin Hirmer, Malta archery

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by Anthony Rago on Bow Rarog

This bow is simply amazing. Customer service deserves 5 stars

by Mark Estabrook on Bow Rarog

I got a 55# @ 28" bamboo and ash Rarog bow from Sarmat a few days ago. It is very smooth and does not stack even at max draw. It isn't slow either, the chronograph has it sending a 530 grain arrow 160 feet per second (at my draw of 29.5"). This bow is a pleasure to shoot with both a glove and a thumb ring. I got a set of arrows and a quiver from them that are also very nice, great materials and quality for the price.As a side note, Sarmat is the only company I have bought from that makes a Flemish twist string correctly, such that the loops do not unwind unintentionally.

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