Bow Dzungar

120.00 $

Traditional bamboo-laminated Bow Dzungar. Stylization of mongolian and manchu bow.



The traditional bamboo-laminated Bow Dzungar. It is a stylization of mongolian and manchu bow. The symmetric handle with a leather grip, also available execution option with a notch in the handle from left or right side.
The bowstring and fabric case is complete with the bow.

Materials: ash wood + bamboo
Total length: 68″
The length of the string: 65″
Draw weight: 30-50#
Max. draw length: 32″

Video Tutorial: how to care for the bamboo bow. This video contains English subtitles, do not forget turn them on

Speed of Dzungar Bow

Videoreview made by Armin Hirmer, Malta archery

Videoreview made by Simon Lauber

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 6 reviews
 by Ian Francis on Dzungar

I have just got a 71” Dzungar-36lbs @ 28” and shot it tonight for the first time. What a bow! Beautifully made, no appreciable handshock and accurate from the start. It weighs virtually nothing ; is incredibly stable and has a very gentle and progressive draw curve. I absolutely love it!! Buy one-you won’t regret it.

 by Ufuk Zayim on Dzungar

Great bow,powerfull,accuret,allmost no handshock.Beside that great service.Friendly people.I appreciate very much.

 by goodscot on Dzungar

Very good bow! Accurate, little handshock, perfect look. I just added another layer of leather in the grip, so it's thicker - more comfortable. Now I know why Armin Hirmer (Malta Archery) has reccomended it. Good job Sarmats!

 by Balakrishnan Venkataraman on Dzungar

this review is quite late in the day , but i am prompted to write this after having a small tete a tete with a gentleman on youtube , who wanted me to review the bow , as he was planning to buy one. The Dzungar is a absolute treat to shoot with . My bow draws 48# at 28 inches and has a max draw of 32 inches , and the arrows group very prettily. I bought a Hankyu from Sarmat also as a gift for my friend, and i am planning to buy another bow from Sarmat archery as soon as i have the money. if anyone has any specific questions on the dzungar , please feel free to ask me .

 by David Maynard on Dzungar

I have done two reviews of bows from Sarmat Archery and one review of arrows. All of which are excellent!!I do feel that I should leave a review of Sarmat Archery as a company because I have found them to be absolutely superb to deal with.Throughout the process of ordering, specifying and buying from them they could not have been more friendly and helpfull.They are always ready to advise, keep you up to date with progress of your order and are prompt and polite with communications.The bows and arrows were well packed for delivery and arrived quickly.All companies should be this good to deal with!Well done Sarmat Archery.

 by David Maynard on Dzungar

We bought a 47# 65" Dzungar at the same time as a 38# bow Alan.This is very fast for an all wooden bow. It's a beautiful shape and shoots as well as it looks.I shot it at the weekend on a roving shoot, which involved some very long distance shots and it proved both powerfull and accurate! It was strung all day but took on no perceptible set.It is a light weight bow, great for carrying all day, very well made and has no noticable hand shock.I thumb draw to the maximum draw length of the bow, probably giving at least 50# draw weight and it does not stack at all !An excellent bow, very good value and a joy to shoot.Highly recommended !!