Bow Alan

85.00 $

Traditional bamboo-laminated Bow Alan. Stylization of a medieval eastern bow. Symmetric handle with leather grip, also available execution option with a notch in the handle from left or right side.



Traditional bamboo-laminated Bow Alan. It is a stylization of a medieval eastern bow. Symmetric handle with leather grip, also available execution option with a notch in the handle from left or right side.
The bowstring and fabric case is complete with the bow.

Materials: ash wood + bamboo
Total length: 59″
The length of the string: 57″
Draw weight: 20-45#
Max. draw length: 30″

Video Tutorial: how to care for the bamboo laminated bows. This video contains English subtitles, do not forget turn them on

Videoreview made by Armin Hirmer, Malta archery

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 6 reviews
 by SC on Alan

The Alan bow is very nice to shoot; it's quiet, smooth to draw, and accurate as well. The quality is good too - I don't like trad bows to be too polished if you know what I mean. I prefer a certain rawness and honesty in the materials used without the bow being rough and ready. In my opinion, Sarmat bows are well executed. Excellent customer service despite doubtless difficult wartime conditions. I am happy with the purchase and very happy to support a Ukrainian enterprise. All my best!!

 by Yohta on Alan

I bought an alan lux (it's a new model, send them a PM for details). It is very good and I have many words of praise for it, especially its gentlemanly draw force and lightness, perhaps an advantage of the material. These are things that a fibreglass bow does not have, but on the other hand I don't think it is inferior in terms of performance. I am sure that other sarmat products are similar in terms of these characteristics, but I think that this bow, with its particularly strong and beautiful recurve, is the best choice for users who do not want to compromise on performance.

See below.

 by Rich Fleming on Alan

Received my 32# Bow Alan yesterday and can't put it down! Beautifully made and a joy to shoot...smooth and accurate. Truly amazing for the price - highly recommended.

Also purchased a half dozen A3 arrows and again can highly recommend them - perfectly straight and you can see that a great deal of care has been put into their construction.

Customer service has been super too.

 by Ron on Alan

I purchased a 25# Alan bow and a dozen arrows, three each; A1-A2-A3 and Bamboo. The bow is very pleasurable to use even for long shooting sessions of 100+ arrows. The arrows all perform quite well but I've found the bamboo to be best with this 25# bow. Customer service is 5 star from selecting a bow and proper arrows, to delivery. Nice people!

 by David Maynard on Alan

Just a quick update on Bow Alan.Ruth Breeze has been shooting this bow for a few months now and is finding it to be a very smooth and accurate bow to shoot.Last weekend she set a new county record for field recurve shooting Bow Alan !!!

 by David Maynard on Alan

This is a lovely bow for field shooting, it is simple, light weight, fast shooting and consistent in accuracy, being fairly short it is great for shooting in woodland.We got a 38# version and it is really smooth to draw with no stacking, even at its full draw length.The build quality is very good, much better than some of our bows which cost considerably more!! I particularly like the nocks, the lower one is very robust, which is exactly what is required for a field bow.Highly recommended!!