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Leather Archery Thumb Ring

5.00 $

Leather Thumb Ring for  Archery.


Leather Thumb Ring is designed to protect the thumb when drawing the bow with the thumb draw method.

Material: genuine vegetable-tanned leather.

We have six sizes of the thumb ring:

XS size – diameter 16mm
S size – diameter 18mm
SM size – diameter 20mm
ML size – diameter 22mm
L size – diameter 24mm
LX size – diameter 26mm

To find out your size please measure the circumference of your finger at the thickest point as shown in the video. The resulting value of circumference must be divided by 3.14 (pi) and you get the estimated diameter. The closest ring diameter that is less than the estimated diameter will be your size. For example, in the video, the circumference is 6.5 cm. Estimated diameter 6.5 / 3.14 = 2.07cm (20.7mm). We choose closest ring diameter that is less than 20.7mm, this is 20mm size SM.

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This doesn't beat my horn thumb ring but it's really good for the price! I can highly recommend this to beginners as it fits a fairly wide variety of fingers and gives a very secure grip on the string.