Barreled Wooden Shafts

2.00 $

Barreled Wooden Shafts


Barreled wooden shafts can improve the stabilization of the arrow after shooting. Lightening the ends reduces their inertia and oscillation, the arrows fade out much faster after a shot. The diameter in the middle of the shaft is 9-10mm, and at the ends of the shaft 7-8mm. Also we can made diameter more than 10mm. The position of the thickest part can be exactly in the center, and also offset to the point or to the arrow nock. You can specify this parameter, as well as the diameter of the arrow after ordering.

We make a barrel shaft of maple, ash, pine. The cost depends on length and diameter.

prices for 9-10mm barreled shafts (middle part 9-10mm, ends 7-9mm):
Shaft length up to 31″ – 2 usd
Shaft length 32″-34″ – 2,5 usd
Shaft length 35″-37″ – 3 usd

prices for 12mm barreled shafts: (middle part 12mm, ends 10-11mm):
Shaft length up to 31″ – 2,5 usd
Shaft length 32″-34″ – 3 usd
Shaft length 35″-37″ – 3,5 usd

Glued in wooden nock from solid wood (or self nock) reinforced with horn insert – price + 1 usd