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Murad it is fiber glass laminated short recurve bow in size and geometry stylization of medieval Turkish bows.



Murad bow – it is a close in size and geometry stylization of medieval Turkish bows. This small recurve composite bows was used in the Ottoman Empire for many centuries.

This bow named after the first sultan of the Ottoman Empire Murad I (1326-1389). In the XVI-XVII centuries the Turkish Empire reached the highest point of its influence. During this period it was one of the most powerful countries in the world. Turkish archers became famous for their mastery of long-range weapons, which they effectively used in the war. They based military strategy на horseback archery skills. Archers had shorter recurve bows, that were more comfortable and easier to use on horse.  Such bows gave warriors great flexibility.

Detail of a miniature, showing two leaders of the Akinci in the Battle of Mohacs, 1526

In Ottoman Empire archery was popular branch of sports, which has been performed as a regular since from the 15 th century. The most spectacular competitions were marksmanship archery contests. There were special places for contests were called “ok meydani”. The most notable of this arena was Istanbul Ok-meydani. Traditional Turkish archery has been inscribed on the Representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in 2019.

Ottoman horse archer

The pride of the Ottoman Empire Turkish bow is one of the shortest bow in history. The short limbs are perfect for shooting over distance, when archer use lighter arrows. The unique outward-bulling grip is more comfortable for shooting. Classical recurve composite Turkish bow has wooden core, animal horn on the belly at the side facing the archer and sinew on the front. The layers of this construction secured together with animal glue. The limbs curing forward into the shape of the letter “C”. The grip area is more flat on the belly and the front of the grip bulges outwards.

Turkish bows in Topkapi palace, Istanbul, Turkey

Murad it is fiber glass laminated short recurve bow, which repeats shape and size of original Turkish bows. Ash or maple is used at the base of the bow shoulders. Redwood is used in the grip and ends of the bow. In the basic version of the Murad horn pads are used at the ends of the bow and on the grip under the arrow on both sides.

High degree of recursion gives to bow with stretched bowstring a lot of energy and gives a good arrow speed. The speed of the bow with draw weight 33-34 pounds on 28 inches with shooting wooden arrow 400 grain will be around 180fps.

The bow has length of the string at 47 inches. This is a shot bow, shooting will be more comfortable with thumb ring. Murad is suitable for the archers of any skill level. But you should to consider a right draw weight. For the shooting technique thumb ring you can take bow with low draw weight – 24-26 pounds will be enough. In the combination with the light arrows, even such a light bow will give the  arrow a good speed. Low draw weight allows you to concentrate more on working out the technique.

The bowstring and fabric case is complete with the bow.

Lux model (wood, fiberglass, precious wood on limbs and handle, patch of horn on handle and ends) -350$

Materials: ash, maple, redwood, horn pads
String material: fast flight
Total length: 53″
The length of the string: 47″, also available elongated version at 52″
Draw weight: 25-45#
Max. draw length depends on the draw weight: 33″ and 34″ (for 52″ version)

Speed of Murad Bow

Videoreviews made by Dmitry Cherep, Ukrainian archery horseback team Cherep. This video contains English subtitles, do not forget turn them on

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