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Manchu Wooden Arrows

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Manchu Wooden Arrows


Manchu wooden arrows are designed for shooting with the Manchu bows, as well as others bows with a draw length of about 34-36″.

For the arrows, we use barreled-shaped shafts. Such shafts can improve the stabilization of the arrow after shooting. Lightening the ends reduces their inertia and oscillation, the arrow stabilizes much faster after a shot. The diameter in the middle of the shaft may be in the range 8-12mm, and at the ends 7-11mm. We can made any diameters in these ranges. The position of the thickest part can be exactly in the center, and also offset to the point or to the arrow nock. You can specify this parameter, as well as the diameter of the arrow after ordering.

The arrow shaft can be made of maple, ash, poplar, pine. We don’t always have all types of wood available, after ordering you can also specify which wood is required. The shafts are selected by spine and weight by bow.

We have such types of the nocks:

  1. Self nock with a bandage of linen thread

2. Glued in wooden nock from solid wood

3. Standart plastic nock

Nock (except plastic) can be reinforced with horn insert – price + 1 usd

The feathers is 7.5 inches (18cm) long. Default feather angle is perpendicular.
Angle of feathers as well as colour and shape these are the options that you can choose.

Also you can choose type of nock, preferences for spine and other details after the order is placed. Slot width for self nock and wooden glued in nock 3mm by default, please inform us if you need another slot width. The point is standard field with weight 75, 100 grain.  Also we can use points 8mm 150 grain, 8,5mm 190 grain and 12mm 200 grain.

Price – 10 usd including arrows with shafts up to 10-12mm max diameter and up to 36″ AMO length.
Extra heavy arrows, more than 1000 grain weight – price + 1 usd
Nock reinforced with horn insert – price + 1 usd
Tappered shape shafts (for example 12mm at arrowhead and 10mm at nock) – price + 1 usd
Price for arrows more than 36″ AMO specified individually.

Please pay attention. This product is made to order and for production we need more time. After refinements all the parameters, we inform you the product time. The payment is made before sending the finished products or after clarification all the details and terms of production. You don’t need pay at the time of order.

After placing the order, please let us to know the parameters of the arrows by filling the google form by the link

If you have any questions, please email to us


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