Bamboo Hankyu bow 68″

120.00 $

Traditional bamboo-laminated Bow Hankyu lenght 68″. Stylization of Japanese hankyu bow.



Traditional bamboo-laminated Bow Hankyu. It is a stylization of Japanese hankyu bow. This is asymmetrical bow, the grip (nigiri) has to be positioned at about two thirds of the distance from the upper tip. Bow has leather grip and rattan winding. There are special thickening pads at the bow ends.
Materials: ash wood + bamboo
The full length of the bow 68″
Draw weight: 18-49#
Max. draw length: 30″-33″ depends on the  draw weight:
for 18-25# draw weight – 33″ draw length
for 26-39# draw weight – 32″ draw length
for 40-45# draw weight – 31″ draw length
for 46-49# draw weight – 30″ draw length

You can specify draw weight of the bow and other details after the order is placed.
If you have any questions, please email to us

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 7 reviews
by Holger Wischhusen on Bamboo Hankyu bow 68″

After a half year of practice wih my Hankyu, I decidet to use it at the EBHC 2018 at Oberwiesenthal, Germany.I could do a speedtest at the chrony. 68" Hankyu with 49#/30". Wooden arrows, 32" barrelled with 70gr tip and 3" feathers, total weight 470gr. Speed 148, 147 and 151 km/h. Not so bad!In 4 competition days I was satisfied with my schooting, except the last day. But this was due to bad weather, rainy and very cold, not the problem of the bow!Distances where up to 54m, one of these I made my best shot in the whole week.I´ll use it next time again!

by Marco Ricci on Bamboo Hankyu bow 68″

End of March, I received my 68" Hankyu, 33# @ 28" (max 32").I use it almost every day, either stumping in forest (from 10m to 40m) or at home (10m). This bow is really well done, accurate, smooth and quiet fast, a lot of fun and pleasure to shoot with it.After few arrow test, I use now carbon arrows, spine 600, 360gr, (almost 10gpp at my 30" draw length). With them, speed and accuracy are very good and I get really good result even at 30m or 40m.Kind regards, Marco.

by Jan Westphal on Bamboo Hankyu bow 68″

A few weeks ago I received a 68“ Hankyu which was ordered to practice Shihanmato indoors and in the garden. Low draw weight due to the short distance and to be able to skip the thumb ring. The bow is very neat built and looks stunning. Unfortunately it has developed some serious set especially in the upper limb which reduces the rather slow arrow speed even further. Nonetheless, this bow is a blast to use and at close distances velocity is not important. Would recommend the Hankyu any time and buy it again, especially with that price tag.

Bamboo Hankyu bow 68"This bow is fantastic. Shoots great and is beautiful to look at. The service from Sarmat is second to none. They accommodated my custom painting colourrequest and produced a really eye catching bow. Kateryna is fantastically helpful and very quick to answer any and all questions.

by Holger Wischhusen on Bamboo Hankyu bow 68″

I got my 68" Hankyu just in time before christmas. In this 3 month it became place 3 of my dozent bows. Really good looking, well finished and smooth draw. With thumbring, 30" draw and 49# on the finger it is a fun to shoot. Not my fastest bow, but precise.After just shooting 18 m indoors for the whole winter, on easter sunday it was time to bring the Hankyu out for 3d. First arrows, 530 grain wooden, did not work. Slow and weak. Changing to carbon training arrows, 430 grain, 400 spine, solved the problem. Fast and stable flight, no handshock. Max distance was around 30m, no problem.I will test with bamboo arrows and longer distances next time.Fazit: a really good bow I recommend and would buy again.

Fantastic! Looks very good, feels very good and the best: it shoots very accurate! Smooth draw (in my case 34#@28") Awesome! Thank you for this masterpiece! And last but not least perfekt contact and shipping too.

by Oliver Gugel on Bamboo Hankyu bow 68″

I bought 2 60" Hanky bows and 20 arrows for my martial arts School in Germany. I was very happy when I got them. From the first mail untill the delivery by post all was perfect. Fast and very good Quality. My next order is already placed.............Kind regards from GermanyOliver Gugel